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Visit a Lender and get pre-qualified.  If you aren't sure who to contact we can recommend the following:


We have lots available in Fort Smith and Lavaca.

Maybe you have your own land or you need help finding land, here is a great source:


Do you have house plans yet? We offer drafting services 

in-house which allows us to get plans and revisions out quickly. Contact us if you'd like to take advantage of this service.

Once we have settled on house plans we are ready to price your dream home.  Answering the below online questionnaire will help us to better get an idea of the finishes you would like for us to price.


Once we have plans completed we will provide you with plans, specs., and contract.

Your lender will order an appraisal based on those documents.

Once you are approved and your mortgage is filed we can start your new home!

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